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Mattress Buying Guide

There are many varieties of mattresses. Everyone is a completely different type of sleeper and requires different support. So how do you choose what’s right for you? It all comes down to testing a mattress out in person, but going in with a good knowledge base is invaluable! The three main types of mattress are innerspring, memory/specialty foam, and hybrid.

Innerspring is the traditional mattress and likely what you think of when you imagine a mattress cross-section: a basis of springs (or coils), all tied together or individually wrapped. These mattresses, like the Beautyrest Black Natasha Plush Pillow Top Mattress, also have foams and fibers on the top to create a comfort level above the supportive springs. The foam on top comes in a variety of densities, creating either a firmer or softer mattress. This type of mattress is economical, as well.

Specialty foam can be made up of latex or memory foam or a combination of both. Memory foam, like the Tempur-pedic Tempur-Cloud Luxe Breeze Split Mattress, is a slower-response foam, meaning it will return to its normal position but take longer to get there, which means less pressure on the body. It’s also often combined with a gel for both additional support and to regulate surface temperature, which helps you to not become overheated while you sleep. Latex foam, on the other hand, can be a bit more supportive than memory foam, more durable, responds more quickly, and naturally has a temperature regulation quality to it. It doesn’t, however, relieve pressure in the way memory foam can, and isn’t as good at keeping you still while your partner tosses and turns. So the two foams are often combined to achieve the best of both worlds.

Hybrid mattresses are a combination of the first two types, with a base of innerspring support underneath a few layers of specialty foam. Other options in mattresses include a pillow topper, like the Beautyrest Silver Hybrid Sea Island Ultra Plush Mattress, which means an additional layer has been added to the top of the mattress for comfort.

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