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sony television electronics

When it comes to choosing the right electronics for your home, it can be overwhelming to say the least. Technology is constantly changing and improving and there are always new terms to learn! This buying guide, focusing on your home entertainment setup, should shed a little light on the subject.

For televisions, there are two main types on the market right now: 4K & LED. 4K TV’s, like the Sony XBR 75" 4K UHD Android LED TV, is absolutely the latest technology and the one that is swiftly moving the television world into the future. They offer 8,294,400 pixels and a much higher clarity than ever before!

LED also boasts great quality, but each provides a different experience. LED TV’s, like the Samsung 40" 1080p HD Smart TV, are most of what you’ll see on the market today. They tend to have 720 or 1080 pixels resolution.

The other option in visual home entertainment is a front projector, which means the size of your screen knows no bounds but those of your imagination. You should aim to match your choice with the native resolution of your source material: for example, if you’re using a Blu-ray player, PlayStation 3, or Xbox 360 to feed into your projector, they each have an output of 1080p, so you’ll want to choose a projector with at least an 1080p output like the Sony 4K Projector.

Once you have your visuals set up, it’s time to take audio into account. Because newer TV’s are so thin, the speakers often lack power and outside help is needed to get that rich sound the media your enjoying deserves. If you’re not an audiophile or simply want the process to be quick and simple, consider purchasing a pre-packaged surround sound speaker system like the Sony Blu-ray Home Theatre System. If you’re more into customization, then the basics you’ll need to build a proper home theatre system are a center channel speaker (like the Sony Center Channel Speaker), a pair of front speakers like these Sony bookshelf speakers or these Sony floor-standing speakers, two or more surround speakers, and at least one powered subwoofer (like the Sony 10" Active).

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