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7 Things You Didn't Know About Scratch and Dent Appliances

by Big Sandy Superstore

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At a Glance:

All the Damage is Cosmetic

Most Defects Aren’t Noticeable Once the Appliance is Installed

Customers Save 20% on Average When Buying Scratch and Dent Appliances

These Appliances Still Come with Warranties

You Can Double Down on Savings

You Can Buy Scratch and Dent Appliances Online

Scratch and Dent Appliances Change Frequently


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Savvy shoppers know how to save money when looking for home appliances. They will track seasonal sales, make note of manufacturer rebates, and check the clearance section before they make their purchases. However, there’s one place where the top savers look when they want quality appliances at highly discounted prices: the scratch and dent section.

Scratch and dent appliances allow you to save money while giving retailers an opportunity to sell models with slight cosmetic defects. However, not everyone knows about this sales opportunity. Here are seven things most people don’t know about the scratch and dent section so you can make more informed purchasing decisions.

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1. All of the Damage is Cosmetic

The most important thing to remember when shopping for scratch and dent appliances is that none of the issues will affect the performance of your unit. It’s not like you are buying a refrigerator that has a broken ice maker or a range with only three working burners. Cosmetic defects refer to dings, dents, scratches, and chips in the facade of the unit.

Buying from this section is a great way to save money on appliances, especially if you are shopping for scratch and dent washers and scratch and dent dryers. Does it matter if your washing machine has a scratch on the front if it’s hidden in a closet or installed in the basement? No one but your family members will ever see it.

2. Most Defects Aren’t Noticeable Once the Appliance is Installed.

Another great thing about scratch and dent appliances is that the cosmetic issues might be completely hidden once you set up the item. For example, a refrigerator might have scratches on one side where it was damaged during the unloading process. However, if you install the refrigerator in between your cabinets, the sides won’t be visible.

The scratch and dent section is a place for retailers to be transparent about any damage to a unit. It is better for a customer to intentionally shop for scratch and dent refrigerators instead of receiving a refrigerator with an unexpected dent. There are times when you will look at different scratch and dent appliances and wonder why it was placed in that department because the damage is so minor.

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3. Customers Save 20% on Average When Buying Scratch and Dent Appliances.   

If you are still unsure whether you want an appliance in your home that has minor cosmetic defects, consider how much you can save by shopping from this section. Customers usually save a minimum of 10% on scratch and dent units and a maximum of 50% on certain items. This is a significant amount of savings for any budget!

For example, say you are shopping for a scratch and dent dishwasher. You can either get a steep discount on the brand you originally considered or buy a higher-end model because the discount places it within your budget limitations. A luxury dishwasher that was previously out of reach might fall within your budget because of a few minor scratches.

If you love a good deal, always check this section before you make a purchase.

4. These Appliances Still Come with Warranties

If you are worried about protecting your appliances and receiving support in the event that they break, don’t worry. You can still shop the scratch and dent section. All appliances come with at least a one-year warranty when you shop at Big Sandy Superstore. You also have the opportunity to invest in a longer-term warranty to protect your unit.

We would never sell a customer an appliance that we weren’t 100% sure worked. If your appliance breaks and it is protected under warranty, we will do everything we can to get it working again.

You can confidently shop the scratch and dent washer and dryer section knowing you are choosing from a selection of quality appliances.

5. You Can Double Down on Savings

Your savings don’t have to stop when you shop the scratch and dent section. Savvy shoppers know how to receive additional discounts on their appliances before they are ready to make a purchase. For example, check out the seasonal sales offered by Big Sandy Superstore. You might be able to apply an additional coupon to your big and receive an extra 10-20% off depending on the time of year.

Scratch and dent appliances also might qualify for manufacturer rebates. You can send your receipt to the company that produced your appliances and receive cash back or additional gifts like cookware or knife sets.

The best way to save is to pool all of your resources at once to reduce your total purchase price as much as possible. Know that you don’t have to choose between shopping for a scratch and dent range and using your favorite coupons.

6. You Can Buy Scratch and Dent Appliances Online

There are some cases when you cannot buy a scratch and dent appliance online, but shopping trends are changing. More stores are working to list and sell their scratch and dent items online in order to make the shopping experience easier for customers. You can browse the scratch and dent section of the Big Sandy Superstore website or you can visit any of our locations in person to look at the cosmetic damage yourself.

Some customers still prefer to shop for appliances in person – especially if they are damaged. Visiting any of our locations can allow you to see the extent of the damage before you take an appliance home. You might be surprised by how minimal all of the scratches are (and how much you can save on such minor defects).

7. Scratch and Dent Appliances Change Frequently

There are countless benefits of searching for scratched appliances in your area. However, there is one key drawback: this section isn’t ideal if you want to buy specific appliances, brands, and models. For example, if you are in the model for a new wall oven and are interested in buying a Miele model, there’s no guarantee that there are any Miele products in the scratch and dent section. Even if you can find Miele items, they might not be the right size or color that you need.

Even a broad search for scratch and dent freezers might not yield a lot of results if there isn’t a lot of damaged inventory around.

So how can you effectively search within this section? First, search for, “scratch and dent appliances near me,” to see which stores have dedicated sections for appliances that are banged up. We have a scratch and dent section online and in each of our Big Sandy Superstore locations.

Next, check these sections frequently. Don’t shop for a dishwasher when yours is broken and you are washing your dishes by hand. Instead, start browsing for a new model when your current dishwasher is aging and will likely need to be replaced in a few months. If you regularly search for scratch and dent appliances, you will eventually find the right one for your home. 

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Can you repair scratch and dent appliances?

After you buy a scratch and dent appliance, you might be able to work with a handyman to repair the damage. However, most issues are so minor that they aren’t noticeable to most people, or they can easily be covered. Paying to repair these issues might be a waste of money.

Are scratches and dents covered under your warranty? 

In most cases, companies don’t cover cosmetic damage under the warranty. This means you cannot buy a scratch and dent appliance and then use the warranty to pay for a repair. You also can’t use the warranty if you accidentally scratch your appliance.

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