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Get Back to Restful Nights with the Ideal Mattress Comfort for You

Unlike mattress types, which are categorized based on what a mattress is made of, mattress comfort is used to grade a mattress’ softness based on a scale ranging from ultra-plush to extra-firm (we use an easy scale from 1 to 5).

Since your mattress can affect spinal alignment and posture, determining which mattress firmness is best for you is not only important for getting quality sleep, but for your overall health. Find out which comfort level is suited for your sleep needs.

Cloud-Like Comfort

If your idea of dream sleep is on soft, body-contouring support, explore ultra-plush and plush mattresses. Because they have more give, plush and ultra-plush mattresses conform to your body, providing healthy hip and shoulder alignment for side sleepers.

Keep in mind, the softer a mattress, the more a body sinks into it. This includes the spine, which can often become unaligned without the proper support. Overall weight—whether from an individual or between partners—should be considered to ensure both a comfortable and healthy sleep experience.

Equally Supportive and Contouring

A medium-comfort mattresses is a safe choice for any type of sleeper—not too soft, not too firm, with the right balance of cradling and responsiveness. If you sleep in multiple positions or share your sleep space, a medium-firm mattress is a practical way to make sure everyone’s happy no matter which sleep position.

Because of their balanced feel that provides soft comfort with just enough bone support, medium-comfort mattresses are the recommended choice for sufferers of arthritis and joint pain.

Firm Support

As mentioned, a mattress that is too soft can make you feel like you’re being eating alive, especially when it’s under a lot of mass. Whether you’re a sleeper with a larger build or need extra support when your little one decides to crash in the middle of the night, firm mattresses and extra-firm mattresses are an ideal choice.

Additionally, firm and extra-firm mattresses prevent the center from sinking in. If you’re a stomach sleeper or back sleeper, you’ll love this feel, but if you’re a side sleeper, not so much.

Expert tip: For even less motion transfer, choose an extra-firm mattress.

Remember This Handy Breakdown

Depending on each brand, different mattress types can vary when it comes to mattress comfort (we recommend experiencing a mattress at a showroom near you!). But typically:

  • Innerspring and latex mattresses range between medium-firm and firm; however, latex mattresses provide body-contouring support that’s best for side sleepers and stomach sleepers.
  • Hybrid mattress comfort levels vary depending on the coils used and the kind of top-layer cushion. For instance, a latex surface will have a sturdier feel with more bounce compared to one with memory foam.
  • Memory foam mattresses range in firmness from ultra-plush to extra firm, making them a versatile option.

Reclaim the Great Sleep You Deserve

At Big Sandy Superstore, our mission is ensuring you #livesuper, and we believe that begins with the right sleep. Whether you’re wondering how to select your next mattress or want to shop and compare America’s top 5 mattress brands, plus Nectar and Purple, we’re the tri-state-area’s experts you can count on. Shop online or in-store today!