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How a Mattress Can Improve Your Health

by Waverly Wilde

Waking up in the morning is essentially like hitting the reset button on your mind, body, and soul. You go to sleep and heal, waking up the next morning ready to take on the day. If the first question you ask yourself when you open your eyes in the morning is, “Why does my body hurt when I wake up?,” something is seriously wrong. 

Unfortunately, too many people are used to aches and pains that never seem to go away and settle with an uncomfortable mattress believing it to be normal. Well, it’s NOT normal. Your mattress should be designed to improve your health and make each day feel better than when you went to bed – not make everything worse! It’s time to sleep right so you can live right. Here are just a few ways having a good mattress can improve your health. 

Focus and Memory

It’s no surprise why the brain fog you were experiencing before bedtime leaves when you wake up in the morning and is replaced with a sense of clarity. Good sleep is the most important step to keep your mind alert, focused, and able to retain memory well. Solid rest allows your mind to repair and strengthen cells and move those skills, thoughts, and memories you just made into your long term memory bank so as to make room for more information coming in. That’s why cramming the night before a test and getting very little sleep, for example, don’t work well together. If you take away your time for snoozing, racking your brain for the answers can be awfully difficult. 

With a good mattress you have a better chance of getting a full 8 hours of sleep and ultimately giving your mind the opportunity to completely rest and rejuvenate so that it can think the way it’s supposed to. 


Not only does sleep affect your brain’s performance, it also affects your body’s stamina, endurance, and strength. You wouldn’t think that some good shut-eye would make you a fast runner, but even a small nap has the power to boost your energy. With a mattress made to conform to your body’s needs, you’ll find that you’re much more active throughout the day. Not to mention, when you snooze on a bed causing back pain, your body endures unnecessary stress which will follow you into the next day and decrease your productivity. Keep up with your busy lifestyle by finding a comfortable bed that will improve your sleep so that you improve your everyday performance. 


If you own an uncomfortable mattress where waking up with a sore body is normal, it sounds like you could use a new bed to avoid any more back pain and keep your spine properly aligned. Your posture can be affected by your beds firmness and comfort levels, so it’s important that you find the right bed to work with your back. While it depends on you, memory foam has commonly been linked with superb support for spinal curvature while also distributing weight more evenly so you feel less pressure on certain areas. 

What to do if you think you have a bad mattress?

Ditch it! If you think that your mattress is in any way affecting your body for the worse, it’s time to get rid of it and move on to something better. In fact, if your bed is ten years or older, a lumpy mattress, too hard, too soft, riddled with bed bugs, causing you intense allergies, or keeping you up at night for some reason or another, it’s time to move on!  

At Big Sandy Superstore , we have all kinds of mattresses made with you and your health in mind. It’s important that you find one that fits your unique body so that you can rest well every night. Contact us today to start sleeping right so you can start living right.