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Harness the Power of the Pillow for a Restful Night

by Diana Lamirand

Woman in bed clutches her favorite pillow

Losing sleep because you’re uncomfortable? Did you know your bed pillow may be to blame if you’re routinely short on slumber?

A bed pillow that doesn’t match your sleep style or forces your body out of alignment can cause aches and pains to wake you more frequently during the night, and linger into daylight.

A string of rough, sleepless nights means your body has less time to repair itself and reset for the next day, whether you’re running a high-power strategy meeting in the office or wrangling the kids at home.

Sleep deprivation affects mood, thinking skills and appetite. It can also lead to health risks such as heart disease, weight gain and a weakened immune system. Pair aches with all the unknowns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and Americans have a recipe for sleepless nights.

The sales team at Big Sandy Superstore wishes everyone good health and a good night’s sleep during these uncertain times. Here are some tips to harness the power of the pillow.

Choose a Pillow for Your Sleep Position

Everyone sleeps in their own unique way, so why should you use the same pillow as everyone else?

Experts from Harvard to WebMD recommend choosing a pillow style based on your sleep position. You’ll need to take notes on how you sleep before choosing the best pillow you’ve never had.

  • Stomach sleepers need something thin and soft that supports their head without misaligning the spine. A low-loft plush pillow may be just the thing. 
  • On the flip side, back sleepers tend to rest their shoulders partially on their pillow, and a high-loft pillow may strain their neck. Back sleepers may want a lower loft firm pillow or a higher loft plush pillow.
  • Side sleepers choose pillows based on the firmness of their mattress and their own body type — broad vs. narrow shoulders, for example — to decide how much support they need to align their spine while they sleep. If your headrests higher off the mattress, you may want a firm pillow with a high loft. If your headrests lower, you may want a plush high-loft pillow, or a firm low-loft pillow. 
  • Multi-positional sleepers should look for a pillow that accommodates multiple sleep styles and adjusts to the user’s position. The pillow should provide continuous head and neck support as the sleeper changes positions through the night. These sleepers are challenging, but Big Sandy delivers Malouf pillows that aced the test.

Harness the Power of the Right Pillow

Malouf pillows return your power over the night. If you’re looking for luxury, let Big Sandy deliver Malouf’s uber-luxurious pillows right to your castle.

Designed to help you relax and get a good night’s sleep, Malouf pillows even include CBD oil and aromatherapy options. When was the last time your pillow smelled wonderful or actually lulled you to sleep? Never? That’s what we thought.

Malouf Shoulder Zoned Dough Pillow

The cutout in the Shoulder Zoned Dough pillow, for example, makes it an ideal pillow for side sleepers with its clary sage scent and CBD oil infuser. 

Malouf’s Dough pillows are made from responsive memory foam that cradles the sleeper’s head and neck in continuous comfort.

The CBD oil contains no THC, comes from organic hemp and may help promote a sense of calm and restfulness. Did you know 1 in 7 U.S. adults say they’ve used CBD products? The reasons they cite for using CBD include: pain, anxiety, insomnia, arthritis, migraines, depression, and more.

Malouf Zoned ActiveDough + Lavender

Maloulf’s Zoned ActiveDough + Lavender pillow is infused with calming lavender to help you sleep. 

The proprietary ActiveDough foam offers the supportive feel of latex and contouring comfort of memory foam, and the quick response foam stays cool — for times when you don’t. 

It also comes infused with chamomile or peppermint for a uniquely soothing experience.

Malouf Convolution

Malouf’s Convolution pillow comes with all the yummy, luxurious feel of down, but without the odor or allergens.

This pillow adjusts to three sleeping positions to assure a good night’s rest. The Convoluted Dough memory foam core is encased in Gelled Microfiber that feels and performs like down without pokey quills.

One side of the core provides gentle conforming head and neck support for back sleepers, while the flip side provides firmer support for side sleepers. Remove the foam core and you’ll have a feather-soft, plush pillow for stomach sleepers. 

The Purple Harmony

When it comes to restorative sleep, the Purple Harmony pillow lives up to its name. This luxurious pillow boasts comfort-enhancing features like the Purple Grid™ Hex (a tapered, hyper-elastic polymer interior), a hypoallergenic Talalay latex core, and a moisture-wicking cover. You can even clean it in the washing machine (cold wash, separately).

In case you didn’t think it was possible, the Purple Harmony pillow is inclusive of all types of sleepers. It comes in two heights so you can choose the pillow that best fits your preferences.

The low-profile, 6.5-inch option is favored by side sleepers with smaller frames, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers. Meanwhile, the high-profile, 7.5-inch pillow is popular with side sleepers with average to larger frames and anyone who generally likes a taller pillow.

TEMPUR-Pedic Pro Adapt

If their line of mattresses is any indication, you are in for a treat when you purchase a pillow from Tempur-Pedic.

TEMPUR-Adapt Cloud + Cooling

The Tempur-Adapt Cloud + Cooling pillow offers highly adaptive, personalized support for back and stomach sleepers, tapping into the positioning of the head, neck, and shoulders.

With industry-exclusive technology that ensures your pillow retains its form and soft feel after every sleep, you won’t regret this self-pampering purchase. The low-profile Cloud + Cooling has a machine-washable cover that delivers cool-to-touch comfort night after night.

TEMPUR-Adapt ProHi + Cooling

You won’t stress losing sleep with the Tempur-Adapt ProHi + Cooling pillow. It provides a higher profile and a medium feel, designed with proven Tempur-Pedic sleep technology.

With a cool-to-touch, high-performance cover and precise support for your head, neck and shoulders, side sleepers or those with larger frames can depend on this pillow for temperature-regulated sleep support.

TEMPUR-Adapt ProLo + Cooling

For anyone who prefers an ultra-soft pillow, the Tempur-Adapt ProLo + Cooling pillow combines patented Tempur micro cushions and a low profile to ensure deep sleep support for stomach sleepers or those with small frames.

This extra-soft pillow cradles your neck and shoulders with a premium, cooling cover enveloped in breathable performance fabric. You’ll sleep so soundly on the refreshing touch of the Tempur-Adapt ProLo + Cooling pillow that you won’t notice how hot you don’t feel. 

Other Pillows Don’t Compare

Malouf, Purple and Tempur-Pedic pillows stand unchallenged in the luxury bedding field, and the Big Sandy Superstore sales team would love to help you choose the right one to add big luxury and comfort to your life during a period when we’re all spending more time in our castles. 

Big Sandy stores are currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we continue to take orders online 24/7, with delivery and no-contact pickup available. Call us today at 888-610-2449.